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ASTM D7169, D6352 Reference Oil 5010 – 5 mL (P/N SD-020-02)

Reference oil 5010 for use with ASTM D6352 or D7169; 5 mL bottle  Note: this material is in very limited supply.  Consider replacing with approved ‘gravimetric blend’; part number SD-025-05 or SD-025-25.  See (NEW) ASTM D7169, D6352, D7500 Gravimetric Blend No. 1 – 5 ML (P/N SD-025-05) | Separation Systems, Inc.

Additional Information

Part Number = SD-020-02

Reference oil 5010 is used to determine detector response factor and as an external standard

Test Method Reference = ASTM D6352, ASTM D7169

Please note, the global supply of this reference oil is almost depleted.  ASTM recently approved an alternative material called a ‘gravimetric blend’.  It is described in ASTM D7169-20 (Section 8.6.2)  There is a very large supply of this material available.  Refer to SSI part numbers: SD-025-05 or SD-025-25 for more information.  The gravimetric blend can also be used to determine detector response factor eliminating the need to prepare or purchase a separate standard as described in ASTM D7500 (Appendix A.3.3).

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (COA)