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Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry-Based Analyzers

Separation Systems, Inc, is a highly experienced provider of Gas Chromatography (GC) and Gas Chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) based analysis products and services. Our business is to serve the analysis needs of laboratories in various industries. These include the oil exploration, petroleum refining, petrochemicals, gas processing, and biofuels.

Simulated Distillation

Workers wearing protective gear walk around an oil refinery with heavy machinery in the background

Through gas chromatography, our Simulated Distillation analyzers determine the true boiling point distribution of crude oil and petroleum refining fractions.

Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis

gas pump with many colorful gasoline hoses

Our Detailed Hydrocarbon Analyzers use gas chromatography to determine the composition of individual hydrocarbons in spark emission fuels.

Refinery Gas Analysis

industrial oil refinery equipment

At Separation Systems, Inc. we offer refinery gas analyzers (RGA). These utilize gas chromatography to characterize the gasses produced during crude oil refining. Analysis includes stack emissions and reformate streams.

Natural Gas Analysis

industrial oil pumps work with the sunset as a background

Compliant with all industry-standard test methodologies. We have enhanced our natural gas analyzer to analyze natural gas, liquefied natural gas, and natural gas liquids. It also processes other similar sample types.

Sulfur Analysis

sulfur smoke coming out of industry coloring the sky yellow

We understand the threat that sulfur poses to expensive equipment and catalysts used in refineries. Because of this, we provide a sulfur analyzer to identify sulfur components in order to remove or control them.

Our “Expert” series software

Our team of highly experienced experts at Separation Systems, Inc. has worked to develop the “Expert” series software. We designed this software series to facilitate the process of obtaining results regardless of the user’s skill level. To provide analysis software to laboratories within the oil exploration, petroleum refining, petrochemicals, gas processing, biofuels, and power industries, we developed:

SimDis® Expert

Hydrocarbon Expert™

Sulfur Expert™

Our training courses

We offer personalized training courses to our instruments and software users. These are designed to ensure users are properly trained on how to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot them. With our training courses, we can also ensure our users know how to obtain reliable results. 

Courses are tailored to the needs of every student, regardless of their skill level and experience. Moreover, at Separation Systems, Inc., we also offer custom courses based on each client’s needs.

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Are you an existing client?

We are fully invested in providing the best long-term customer service possible. We do so by offering highly responsive and flexible support throughout the life of the analyzer itself. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are interested in receiving application training or method fine tuning/optimization. To our existing clients we also offer system/method validation/revalidation remote data processing, custom software and consulting.

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