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Simulated Distillation

What is Simulated Distillation?

Simulated distillation is used to determine the true boiling point distribution of crude oil and petroleum refining fractions by gas-liquid chromatography. This type of crude oil analysis is frequently used as an alternative to time consuming and labor intensive physical distillations.

How Does Simulated Distillation Work?

There are four basic steps involved:

  • Injecting a sample into the Gas-Liquid Chromatography system.
  • The analytical column separates the sample into individual components in order of their true boiling points.
  • Components in are detected as they elute from the column.
  • Special software is used to convert the data produced by the Gas-Liquid Chromatography system into a report including: the boiling curve, initial boiling point (IBP), final boiling point (FBP)% cutoff table and other physical factors.

Benefits of Using Simulated Distillation

  • Greater precision
  • Lower cost per sample
  • Reduced manual work
  • Safer process

Our Simulated Distillation Software

A man wearing protective gear looks toward an oil refinery. In front of him, there’s a car and on its hood, there’s a laptop.

At Separation Systems our SimDis® analyzers are based on the Agilent 7890 or 8890 GC although other GC manufacturer’s instruments can be used upon request. Our analyzers are tested in compliance with ASTM, EN, ISO and other international standards organizations. Unlike other GC manufacturers who only guarantee their hardware and software from defects, we guarantee our Gas-Liquid Chromatography analyzers produce the measurements you require.

Methods Supported:

ASTM D7096, D2887, D5307, D7398, D7213, D7169, D6352, D7500, D7900, IP 480, IP 507, IP 545, IP 601, EN 15199-1, 15199-2, 15199-3, ISO 3924, DIN 51435

The SimDis® Expert

The highly qualified experts at Separation Systems have created the most powerful simulated distillation software available on the market: the SimDis® Expert. In addition to being compatible with all popular GC systems, the SimDis® Expert meets and exceeds all standard test method requirements. This crude oil analysis software provides a more effective and more accurate way to determine the true boiling point of crude oil and petroleum refining fractions.

Some key features of the SimDis® Expert include:

  • All current and proposed standard test methods are supported.
  • Utilizes a graphical user interface and straightforward analysis workflow.
  • D86 and D1160 correlations • Full range of standard calculations: MOV, NOACK, Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP),
  • CETANE index, sample average molecular weight.
  • Cut points can be calculated as average molecular weight.
  • Built-in peak integrator with expanded integration parameters simplifies data reprocessing, and much more.

Why Trust Separation Systems?

A man wearing protective gear looks toward an oil refinery. In front of him, there’s a car and on its hood, there’s a laptop.

For over 40 years, Separation Systems has been directly involved in the development, testing, and evolution of simulated distillation tests. Our team of highly experienced staff has worked to develop the “Expert” software series to provide analysis solutions for laboratories in the oil exploration, petroleum refining, petrochemicals, gas processing, biofuels, and power industries. Additionally, we are committed to providing long-term customer support throughout the life of our analyzers.

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