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To maximize your investment, it’s imperative your users fully understand the principles of the analysis technique, know how to properly operate, maintain and troubleshoot the instrument, how to exploit the power of the software and how to interpret the results they produce. Therefore making sure your users are well trained is critical to your ability to obtain dependable results quickly and efficiently. Our training courses are tailored to meet the needs of each student regardless of their level of skill and experience. We can also develop custom courses to meet any special requirements you may have.
At Your Site in Your Lab At Our Facility Remote / On – Line
Quality Learning Experience Best Better OK
Cost Highest Lower Least Costly
Travel Expenses You pay for ours; known ahead of time Incurred by you; varies None
Technical Preparation Required Your system should be up and running You work on one of our systems Fast, reliable internet connection
Type of Training ‘Hands-on’ chromatography and application training; custom tailored to you ‘Hands-on’ chromatography and application training; more general in nature Software only
Scheduling Contact Us Contact Us ‘On Demand’ typically with ≥ 1 week notice

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