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Sulfur Analysis

Why is important to perform a sulfur analysis?

The presence of sulfur is a formidable challenge for refineries, natural gas processors, and petrochemical producers. Sulfur-containing components can corrode equipment and destroy (poison) expensive catalysts used in downstream processes.

So, it’s important to be able to determine if sulfur components are present and if so, quantifying the amount so steps can be taken to remove and/or control the amount in petroleum feedstock and products to an acceptable and safe level.

Sulfur can be measured using a gas chromatograph coupled with an element-specific detector such as a pulsed flame (PFPD), flame photometric (PFPD), and sulfur chemiluminescence (SCD) to sub-ppm levels.

We utilize the Agilent Technologies sulfur chemiluminescence detector (SCD) along with our Sulfur Expert™ software to deliver best in class solutions for sulfur analysis including:

• Sulfur simulated distillation

• Thiophene in benzene (ASTM D7011)

• Sulfur speciation of gasoline

• Sulfur components in 95% ethanol

• And others

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