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Other GC Analyzers

Our expertise extends well beyond the GC analyzers accessible from the pull down ‘GC Analyzers’ menu on our home page.  Some examples:


  • Impurities in olefin streams (ex. D2505, D2593, D2712, D4773, D5507, D6159)
  • Oxygenates in gasoline (ex. D4815, D5599, D7754)
  • Aromatics in gasoline (ex. D3606, D5580, D5769, D7576)
  • LPG (ex. D2163, D7756)
  • ‘Geo-chemical’ (ex. heavy hydrocarbons, biomarkers, analysis of brines)
  • Petroleum waxes (ex. D5442, D5623, D6228)
  • Biodiesel (ex. D6584, D7398, D7798)

We can also configure, test and install GC systems for ‘at line’ or ‘on-line’/process applications.


If you don’t see the specific application you’re interested in listed, there’s a very good chance we’ve successfully built one before.  We would be pleased to discuss your needs and come up with a cost effective means for you to meet or exceed them.


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