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Natural Gas Analysis

What is Natural Gas Analysis?

Natural gas technical analysis is a form of gas chromatography that is used to determine the composition of natural gas and calculate its energy content. The energy content determines how valuable the gas is. In places like the United States, energy content is measured in BTUs. The higher the BTU, the pricier the fuel is.

Natural gas analyzers can process various types of gasses in various stages. This includes gaseous form of natural gas or in liquid state when it comes to liquefied natural gas.

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Applications of Natural Gas Analyzers

Natural gas analysis is vital for the daily operations of various industries. This includes mainly the following:

  • Automotive industry. Natural gas analysis is widely used in the research and development for sustainable energy systems.
  • Petrochemical industry. This industry relies on CO2 analysis and separation from other gasses on a daily basis.

Separation System’s Natural Gas Technical Analysis Solution

Separation Systems natural gas analyzer (NGA) is designed and optimized for the analysis of various types of gas, including:

  • Natural gas
  • Liquefied natural gas
  • Natural gas liquids 
  • Comparable sample types 

This NGA is fully compliant with all industry standard methodologies. The system is configured to analyze O2, N2, CH4, CO2, H2S and hydrocarbons up to C20 (in extended mode). Furthermore, it can analyze gas or liquid samples from ambient pressure up to 1100 psi.

At Separation Systems Inc, we utilize the Agilent 7890B GC. We also include automated valves, micro packed and capillary columns. Additionally, we include TCD, FID, and data acquisition systems along with our Natural Gas Expert™ software. These components allow to perform all of the required calculations and generate a report.

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Natural Gas Analysis Report

As part of the report, the TCD and FID signals are combined to produce a single chromatogram, which is labeled along with the following information:

  • Specific gravity
  • Gas composition in mol %, vol%, weight %
  • Water saturated or dry BTU values
  • Gallons of liquid / million cubic feet (GPM)
  • Compressibility factor
  • WOBBE Index
  • BTU dry or wet and BTU gross or net
  • BTU/cu ft., BTU/lb. and BTU/gal-liquid
  • BTU based on individual water analysis
  • % carbon distribution from C6 to C15

Methods Supported

Our natural gas technical analysis system supports the following methods:

  • GPA 2261, 2165, 2186, 2286
  • ASTM D-1946, D 2163, D-2597

Operation parameters are established and tested at the factory with the instrumental method pre-loaded. Once the natural gas technical analysis system has been installed and the performance verified, samples can be processed immediately.

Why Choose Separation Systems Inc?

At Separation Systems Inc, we pride ourselves in being gas chromatography experts. We develop solutions for a variety of industries and provide only the highest-quality analyzers and software. When it comes to natural gas analysis, at Separation Systems, we use the state-of-the-art gas chromatograph Agilent 7890B.

Our team is made up of the most experienced and prepared members in the gas chromatography industry. Additionally, we look to provide excellent customer service and support before, during, and after the purchase.

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