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Our industry leading ‘Expert’ series software has been designed by our in-house experts who have over 75 years of firsthand experience working in laboratories just like yours as well as international standards organizations to develop, validate and implement many of the methods used today.

Our software is fully compliant with all of the existing standard test methods and even proposed ones. It’s designed to make it easy to quickly obtain results regardless of the skill level of the user.

We also can develop software to meet ‘non-standard’ requirements and we would be pleased to do so for you if you have special needs that cannot be addressed with standard ‘off the shelf’ products.

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SimDis® Expert

SimDis® Expert is the most powerful simulated distillation data analysis software available today.

It meets or exceeds all of the requirements of existing and proposed standard test methods used in the world today.  Its graphical user interface is broadly recognized as the easiest to learn.

The software is compatible with all popular chromatography data acquisition systems and is available in several versions individually suited for your needs including support for non-traditional detectors including mass spectrometers.  It can be purchased for use on a PC or installed on a network.

We’ve been directly involved developing, testing and evolving test methods for over 40 years.  And, our SimDis® Expert software truly reflects it.

Hydrocarbon Expert™

Hydrocarbon Expert™ is the most powerful software for detailed hydrocarbon analysis available today. Novel capabilities such as ‘On Screen Peak ID’ functionality makes identifying individual peaks intuitively simple and built in comprehensive pattern recognition overcomes the hassle caused by retention time shifting due to column ageing.

All of the standard DHA testing methods including: ASTM D5134, ASTM D6729, ASTM D6730, ASTM D6733, ASTM D7900, IP-344 and IP-601 are supported. And, when combined with our complimentary Merge Expert™ software, the accuracy of your high temperature/crude oil distillation data can be greatly improved.

Hydrocarbon Expert™ comes complete with a database of ~400 individually identified peaks along with the gravimetric blend to calibrate the system. Adding to the existing database or creating your very own is very straightforward.

Merge Expert™

High temperature simulated distillation (ex. ASTM D7169, IP 545, EN 15199-2,-3) does not provide a complete and accurate boiling point distribution.  That’s because the ‘front end’ boiling point distribution is distorted by the quenching effect of the carbon disulfide solvent (CS2) which co-elutes with the light components in crude oil.

Users of SimDis® Expert can easily overcome this problem by using our free ‘Merge Expert software which ‘merges’ the distillation data produced by via simulated distillation analysis with DHA data.  The result is a crude oil distillation curve that’s much more indicative of the true boiling point (TBP).

Sulfur Expert™

Sulfur Expert™ simplifies your ability to review, compile and manage sulfur speciation data (from a GC).  Calibrate your GC using a sulfur component library that’s easily updated as new components are identified.  Sulfur data can be quantified by individual component, organo-sulfur group as a composite or any calculated physical property you specify.  And, with the built in peak integrator, you can do all of your work in a single software environment.  No need to jump around from program to program.