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Refinery Gas Analysis

What is Refinery Gas Analysis (RGA)?

Refinery gas analysis is a commonly used gas chromatography-based test method to characterize gases produced during crude oil refining. This includes stack emission, flame, and reformate streams. Although the composition of the gases varies, they typically contain C1 to C5 paraffins, C6+ paraffins, C2-C5 olefins, and non-condensed gases. All of which can be measured using our refinery gas analyzer.

Clients in the petrochemical production and petroleum refining industry can greatly benefit from the use of our RGA system. It features high-quality materials and components such as a flame ionization detector. Furthermore, it can provide the fastest analysis results in the industry.

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Separation Systems’ RGA Solution

Our refinery gas analyzers (RGA) utilize a gas chromatograph configured with three separate channels:

  1. The first one is equipped with a flame ionization detector (FID) to separate and measure the hydrocarbon species
  2. The second one is equipped with a thermal conductivity detector (TCD) to measure the non-condensed gases. These include CO, CO2, argon/oxygen, nitrogen, H2S, helium, and hydrogen.

Lastly, the thor one uses nitrogen carrier gas and TCD to measure hydrogen if greater sensitivity is required.

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Quick and Effective Refinery Gas Analysis

Our refinery gas analyzer stands out from the rest. It provides solutions for petroleum refining, petrochemical production, biofuels, and more. It provides the following benefits:

  • Quality: The analyzer’s hardware is made up of the highest quality materials. This ensures durability and helps with providing effective analysis. 
  • Fast analysis: Refinery gas analysis cycle times generally take as long as 20 minutes or more. However, Separation Systems can configure ‘Fast RGA’ systems with analysis cycle times as little as  6-8 minutes.
  • Reporting software: The system features a special software to provide a comprehensive report on the analysis results from each of the individual channels. 
  • Flexibility: The RGA system can be configured to analyze gaseous and/or ‘compressed’ liquid streams. 
  • Standard methods compliance: Our RGA system is fully compliant with industry-standard test methodologies.
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Gas Chromatography Experts


At Separation Systems, Inc, we pride ourselves on being experts in gas chromatography. We offer solutions for:

  • Petroleum refining
  • Petrochemical production
  • Biofuels
  • Industrial gases
  • Energy production

The systems we offer are comprehensive in nature. They incorporate Agilent gas chromatographs, our own patented or trademarked hardware. Furthermore they feature software technologies, columns, consumables, standards, training, and support. 

Most of our products are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of international standard organizations. This includes ASTM, UOP, GPA, European Union, ISO, and others. However, we also design, test and validate systems to meet special needs of our customers including the custom software development.

Enhance Your Operation with Separation Systems

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At Separation Systems, we design our application solutions to improve refining processes in a variety of industries. This includes crude oil refining and petrochemical industries. 

Contact us today to find out more about our refinery gas components, as well as our other solutions.

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Support Contact

At Separation Systems, we are committed to providing assistance before and after the purchase of our analyzers. Our services range from application training to system revalidation. 

If you need any assistance regarding our Refinery Gas Analysis system, feel free to contact us anytime. Give us a call today at +1-800-340-3302 for US or +1 850-932-1433 x11 Internationally.