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Gas Chromatography Consumables and Reference Materials.

At Separation Systems, we offer GC standards, gas chromatography equipment, gas chromatography consumables and gas chromatography reference materials. With them, we aim to help you achieve the very best performance possible. 

Highly trained personnel produce our calibration gas chromatography standards in-house. Moreover, we test our GC standards to meet or exceed test method criteria.

Shop for Gas Chromatography Standards, Reference Materials and GC Consumables

Browse our categories below for the product you need for your GC Analyzer. We offer GC standards, gas chromatography equipment, gas chromatography reference materials, and gas chromatography consumables. From gas chromatography columns to hoses and tubing, we have it all.

We are an ISO/IEC 17034 accredited company.

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Calibration Standards

Achieve your GC system’s best performance with our GC Calibration Standards.

Calibration gas chromatography standard for sale.

GC Columns

Our high performance capillary columns our selected by our application experts because they consistently deliver outstanding results.

Capillary column gas chromatography equipment.

Septa, Liners, Ferrules

Our consumable items provide the performance and robustness you depend on.

Ferrules for SimDis® Inlet

Nuts or Ferrules

At Separation Systems you can find nuts, ferrules, and capillary columns for your GC MS systems.

Brass Capillary Column Fitting for SimDis Inlet

Reference Oil, Gasoline or Response Factor Standard

We offer a wide range of GC reference standards for your gas chromatography mass spectrometry system.

Reference gas oil.


At Separation Systems, we offer a variety of liners for your GC MS system.

Liners for Pre-fractionating Inlet


Shop for replacement jets for both agilent capillary optimized FID and simulated distillation.

Replacement Jet for Agilent.


At Separation Systems, we offer copper tubing and hoses for your GC MS systems.

Hose For Use With Liquid Nitrogen Dewar.


You can find Septa for all SimDis Intel Methods at Separation Systems.

Septa for SimDis Inlet.

Need Help Choosing The Best Product for You?

You might be unsure which standard or gas chromatography consumable product is the best for your application. Or you might not see the one you’re looking for listed. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us by filling our form and leaving us a message or giving us a call at +1 800-340-3302. International clients can reach us at +1 850-932-1433 x11.

Custom-Made Gas Chromatography Standards

At Separation Systems, we also provide custom gas chromatography standards. If you’re interested in a tailor-made GC standard, get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements, turnaround time, cost minimum volume required, and more.

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