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Available GC Applications

Separation Systems is the most-trusted name in Gas Chromatography. We would be pleased to discuss your needs and come up with a cost-effective means for you to meet or exceed them. We offer five main GC Applications. They are:

Simulation Distillation. Simulated distillation is used to quickly and accurately determine the true boiling point distribution of crude oil and petroleum refining fractions by gas chromatography. It is frequently used as an alternative to the time consuming and labor intensive physical distillations necessary in the past.

Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis. Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis (DHA) is a gas chromatography based technique to determine the composition of individual hydrocarbons and hydrocarbons by group type in spark emission fuels. DHA supports petroleum refining and production clients like yourself, helping you to optimize production, meet regulatory requirements, and enhance profitability.

Refinery Gas Analysis. Refinery gas analysis is a commonly used gas chromatography based test method to characterize gases produced during crude oil refining including stack emission, flame, and reformate streams. Although the composition of the gases vary, they typically contain C1 to C5 paraffins, C6+ paraffins, C2-C5 olefins and non-condensed gases. All of these can be measured using our refinery gas analyzer.

Natural Gas Analysis. Our natural gas analyzer (NGA) is designed and optimized for the analysis of natural gas, liquefied natural gas, natural gas liquids, or comparable sample types, and is fully compliant with all industry standard methodologies. We utilize the Agilent 7890B GC and includes automated valves, micro packed and capillary columns, TCD, FID, data acquisition system along with our Natural Gas Expert™ software to perform all of the required calculations and generate a report.

Sulfur Analysis. The presence of sulfur is a serious challenge for refineries, natural gas processors, and petrochemical producers. Sulfur-containing components can corrode equipment and destroy expensive catalysts used in downstream processes. That is why it is so important to use our software to detect sulfur and deal with it properly and quickly.

These are our most commonly-needed applications, but far from the only products we offer. We have many other GC applications and can also help you manage your needs for biodiesel, petroleum waxes, and more.

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