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Simulated Distillation Software

Simulated distillation is used to quickly and accurately determine the true boiling point distribution of crude oil and petroleum refining fractions by gas chromatography. It is frequently used as an alternative to the time consuming and labor intensive physical distillations that were necessary decades ago. If you regularly do this kind of work, you need the right software to make it easier and more reliable.

Our software is fully compliant with all existing standard test methods and even proposed ones. It’s designed to make it easy to quickly obtain results, regardless of the skill level of the user. That’s right, we offer software that’s actually user friendly! We also can develop software to meet ‘non-standard’ requirements and we would be pleased to do so for you if you have special needs that cannot be addressed with our standard products. This is just one way we go above and beyond to help those in the industry that need our software services.

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