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There is nothing worse than having issues with a software you need to be working perfectly. Your IT guy at work can only do so much to help if the situation is out of his control or he doesn’t understand the bug. You aren’t forced to attempt to resolve the issue on your own. When you are using SimDis Expert, Hydrocarbon Expert, Merge Expert, or Sulfur Expert, you can call on Separation Systems to help. That is only one of the benefits of choosing us for your GC analysis solution. We care about the users who need our software for gas chromatography, so we want to help you use our software to the best of its ability and yours. We are not only the experts in gas chromatography; we are also experts in customer support!

We are not just software salespeople. Our goal is to not only develop, test and install the best GC analysis solution possible for you, but also to ensure you’re able to achieve the highest possible return on your investment regardless of changes made to your lab and staff over the long haul. We offer a broad range of services including application training, method fine tuning and optimization, system/method validation and revalidation, remote data processing, custom software, and also consulting. Whatever your needs are, our knowledgeable team can handle it.

In order to help you with our software, we provide highly-responsive and flexible support throughout the life of the analyzer itself. Whether it’s isolating the source of an unanticipated problem or developing the most cost effective ‘data to decision’ workflow for your company, you can count on the Separation Systems team to be there for you every step of the way!

To speak with someone right away, please call 1 800-340-3302. Existing clients can get support for any issues or questions they have with their software by emailing Of course, if you need help in choosing the right software for your needs, we can assist in that as well. For inquiries on product information, please email

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