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Replacement Jet for Agilent Capillary Optimized FID (S/N SS-011-01)

Jet for Agilent Technologies capillary optimized flame ionization detector (FID).  This jet is engineered to have a wider bore orifice than standard jets; 1 per package; for use with simulated distillation methods


Additional Information

Part Number: SS-011-01

Reference Test Methods: For all simulated distillation methods using Agilent’s ‘Capillary Optimized’ FID. (0.47 mm / 0.018 in) orifice ID; Note: the wider orifice is much less prone to clogging from capillary column bleed.  Compatible with Agilent GC model number 8890, 7890, 6890 or 5890 (capillary FID only)