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Ferrules for Wide Bore Capillary Columns (P/N SS-030-20D)

Graphite ferrules for use with Agilent inlets or detectors (wide bore capillary columns only); 0.8 mm; 10/package

Also for the detector side of a wide bore column using the Separation Systems SimDis Inlet.

Additional Information

Part Number = SS-030-20D

These ferrules are generally used for any application using a wide bore (ID = 530 mm) with Agilent inlets and detectors.  Note, these ferrules are also recommended for simulated distillation applications utilizing Separation Systems’ SimDis Inlet.  However, these ferrules are for use on the detector side of the column and NOT the SimDis Inlet side which requires the use of a special ferrule (see SS-030-20).