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ASTM D2887 Retention Time Calibration and Response Factor Standard 6 X 1.3 mL (P/N SD-SS3E-02)

Retention time calibration and response factor standard for ASTM D2887 (‘Standard Test Method for Boiling Range Distribution of Petroleum Fractions by Gas Chromatography’)

Additional Information

Part Number: SD-SS3E-02

This standard is comprised of 0.01 – 0.1% C5 – C44 prepared in carbon disulfide; 6 X 1.3 mL

Note: Since this product contains carbon disulfide, it cannot be shipped via air.  Therefore it cannot be shipped to destinations outside N. America.  However, there is a version of this product in which the carbon disulfide has been carefully removed via evaporation (see SD-SS3E-02NS).  Since it does not contain carbon disulfide it can be shipped internationally.  However, it must be reconstituted in carbon disulfide locally following provided instructions.

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