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DHA / PIONA Reference Standard – Kit (P/N SD-053-KIT)

DHA / PIONA reference standard ‘KIT”; includes the following matrices in individual vials: light naphtha, heavy naphtha, heavy naphtha II, alkylate, reformate feed, reformate product, FCC gasoline (untreated) and FCC gasoline (treated);  1.3 mL of each

Additional Information

Part Number = SD-053-KIT

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

The following links are to the individual certificates of composition for the kit’s components. The ‘certificates’ were produced using Separation Systems Hydrocarbon Expert software.

Each reference standard can be ordered individually.  The part number is shown in parentheses to the right.

FCC Untreated Gasoline (SD-053-100)

FCC Treated Gasoline (SD-053-090)

Reformate Product (SD-053-080)

Reformate Feed (SD-053-070)

Alkylate (SD-053-060)

Heavy Naphtha II (SD-053-051)

Heavy Naphtha (SD-053-050)

Light Naphtha (SD-053-040)