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ASTM D7213 Retention Time Standard – Solventless (P/N SD-SS3E-03-NS)

Retention time calibration standard (0.01 – 0.08 % C5 – C80 with C12 and C40 markers) a dry powder; must be reconstituted in carbon disulfide locally to use.  Instructions provided.

Additional Information

Part Number = SD-SS3E-03-NS

Retention time calibration standard for ASTM D7213.  This standard is a dry powder.  It must be reconstituted in carbon disulfide locally before use.  Instructions are provided.  When followed, ~7 mL of liquid sample will be prepared.  Standards containing carbon disulfide cannot be shipped via air cargo.  They must be shipped via surface or ocean going vessel which makes doing so prohibitively expensive and time consuming. However, because this standard does not contain carbon disulfide it can be shipped via air.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (COA)